Our Memory: A California Adventure

The Hiatt Family spent time in California.  They went to Legoland and Sea World and spent time at the beach.  They even made the drive to Disneyland.

“The week before our trip (Christmas week) my blood levels dropped and I got sick with some crazy auto immune issue that less than 1% of people have reported. Luckily, we were able to get everything under control, but it ended up making the fact that we could actually go on our trip that much more special! When we first received the diagnosis, my first thoughts as a mother were about my kids and how everything would affect them. Making sure they stayed as happy and normal as we could was a priority. I instantly thought about a family vacation, but knowing the inevitable amount of medical bills that would be coming our way, quickly pushed that dream aside. Thank you to everyone in your organization who helped make this trip happen for us!”