Cathy Stephan Gravelle

In memory of our daughter-in-law, Cathy Stephan Gravelle, who passed from melanoma cancer in 2010. Memories for Kids was created by Lisa Gravelle because of our loss as a family.


Amy Parr

Amy was an inspiration to us all as she fought cancer. I always remember her bright smile!


Angie Matthews

Our Bunco group makes a donation every year to an organization that helps someone we know who needs help. Angie is in the end of life stages and your organization is giving her and her family a trip. We hope they get to go.


Tanya Winegard

Tanya and I were both VPs for Student Affairs at Jesuit universities. I always appreciated Tanya because we didn’t just talk about work, but she talked a lot about her family and especially how much she enjoyed watching Gabe and Noah play baseball. Tanya was really good about keeping in touch through Christmas cards. I will miss that and much more.
I was so happy to read on CaringBridge that she was able to enjoy an outing with her family to watch the beloved Chicago Cubs. I am giving in her honor so other families can build fond memories. Please know you remain in my prayers.


Allen Johnson

Allen was a wonderful husband, father and friend. MFK blessed the Johnson family with a memorable trip to Minnesota in 2018. ❤️


Lily Dencklau

In recognition of the participation and support of the 2023 Omaha Symphony Debutante Ball’s Debs and Stags.

We plan to send this letter to Debs and Stags:

A donation has been made to Memories for Kids in recognition of you participation and support of the 2023 Omaha Symphony Debutante Ball’s Debs and Stags.

Memories for Kids is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Omaha organization. Their mission is to create lifelong memories for children who have a parent with stage IV cancer.

The donation received by Memories for Kids is to support their mission of providing children with a parent who has life-threatening illnesses and their families with memorable experiences and opportunities to create lasting memories. The donation helps cover the costs associated with organizing and facilitating these experiences, such as trips, activities, and special events, which bring joy and happiness to the children and their families during challenging times.

Have a wonderful time at the ball!
Debutant, Lily Dencklau + Family